Michael Turner


Michael Turner - A Good Dad to Son Race

Daddy, Papa, Tatay, whatever you call your Father! They are the ones who provide for the family and work for their protection and welfare. All fathers would want a happy, normal and care-free living for their little ones. That is why they tend to spend time seeking and working a lot to earn for them. You may see them quiet and serious most of the times and even not that affectionate. They are the disciplinarians and their word is a law everybody should obey.
Michael Turner who always wanted a little girl thought having another baby and even more to finally land one after an Ultrasound confirmed he and his wife will have a baby boy soon. His wife thought he was crying at the hospital in discouragement but the truth was that he was proudly crying to have a boy, a child of his own and his only.
He's even proud to have his son the first Turner of his family for as what he has known. He even decided for the baby's name by his own. So as he is the first grandson to carry their family name he chose to name him Horace O'Donald Turner III, after his brother and father. That's still at the ultrasound and on its nineteenth week and five days that time yet he was so excited.
How much more when the day of birth had came. He was stunned by how handsome his child was. The baby even looked bigger than other babies in the nursery making him stand out more. He is proud to see that his baby "Race'' is going to be a fine-looking, healthy, playful and happy kid. What a very proud Dad he is!
As Race grows Mike want to be with him all the time that made him think twice about traveling around. He even captures a lot of pictures and videos of him. Baptizing Race as a Catholic was totally agreed by Michael for he thought it is just in order to fully impart to him the values of being a Catholic Christian and racing him as a Filipino.
He continues to support race in any way he can together with his loving wife as they both live together happily. He hopes to have another baby, if the good heavens will le


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